SYSMO feat. DJ Grazzhoppa


Organisateur et adresse :
Maison du Peuple
Parvis Saint-Gilles, 37
1060 Bruxelles

19:30 Doors
20:00>22:00 SYSMO

12 percussionists > 1 conductor > 1 guest

Sysmo is the live concept that connects people through rhythm and dance. The necessary energy for that to happen is provided by a group of 12 percussionists, guided by a conductor. The conductor communicates with the musicians and the audience through the use of a dedicated sign language composed of more than 100 signs.

Pure rhythm, pure dance, pure happiness.

DJ Grazzhoppa : Dj, producer and turntablist infected by the hip-hop virus since 1984, Grazzhoppa has been working with international artists such as Aka Moon, Anne-Teresa de Keersmaker, Marc Ribot and much more. He is now Sysmo’s guest.


Direction : Augustin de Bellefroid

Musicians : Tadzio Baudoux, Mathieu Calleja, Veronica Campos, Guillaume Codutti, Gwenaël Dedonder, Esinam Dogbatse, Romain Duyckaerts, Jean Gnonlonfoun, Davy Palumbo, Cyrille Peltre, Mauro Sarachian, Etienne Serk, Cédric Tassin, Lama Moises, Geoffrey Desmet, Nyllo Canella, Manu Lurquin.

Production : Matters Collective

Tickets : 12€ (presale incl. fee) / 8€ (student) / 1,25€ (Art. 27)

septembre 2020 :

août 2020 | octobre 2020

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