Maes Suzy , Mutanganwa Charles

rue de Parme, 30 - Saint-Gilles


Mutanganwa lives and works in Brussels. Although, he is predominately self taught he has an art education, graduating in photography in Belgium. With no formal training as a young artist he began to assimilate the tradition of western European oil painting techniques and cultivated his sense of daring, as he gained experience with oil technique. In 1994, he was granted a solo exhibition at the Royal Museum of Central Africa of Tervuren (Belgium), his first solo show. Lately in 1998, he had a show in his homeland, Rwanda. Mutanganwa enjoys the long processing of creating his surface, choosing the best quality panel. The artist frames, nails, glues, add resin to colors of his choice, using high quality brushes for successive layering of glaze to create his world. His works has been acquired by private and corporate collections in France, Belgium, Portugal and Africa.

Parme 30 Maes-Mutanganwa