Kirmizitoprak Seyran

chaussée de Forest, 90 - Saint-Gilles

arts plastiques

Seyran Kirmizitoprak (Born in 1985 in Belgium, lives and works in Brussels) works with objects which, through her intervention, lose their functionality and take on new meaning. Toys, clothes and decorations with a distinctive theatrical feel to them seem unusual but nevertheless still possess that homely feeling. In a post-pop way, Kirmizitoprak introduces a decor inhabited by unusual creatures drawn from fantasy and reality. Similarly, the work presents the notion of a cave – a shelter for ghosts made out of brightly coloured textiles. The work introducing an animated, ‘haunted’ element elaborates on the semi-domestic interior. In this interior, Seyran Kirmizitoprak presents a performance, where she brings a series of organic objects to life.