Organisateur et adresse :
Maison Pelgrims
rue de Parme, 69
1060 Bruxelles

Welcome and Namaste !

We would like to welcome you to.
Taking place on Sunday, 20 Oct.2013. Come join us and
enjoy yourself to a yoga brunch and listen to musical melodies.
Take this opportunity to celebrate with us the beginning of the winter.

A Hatha yoga class and meditation / relaxation,vegetarian Indian chai snack brunch followed by live Indian classical concert.

Timetable :
9:30-10:30 Hatha yoga + relaxation / meditation (doors open at 9:00)

10:30-11:30 vegetarian brunch (doors open at 10:15)

11:30 -12:30 concerts by -
Bert Cornelis (Sitar) :
Well Known Belgian sitar player Bert has studied for 20 years with his guru A.Pathak and at the classic music univeristy of Allahbad (India)

Pandit Udhav Apegaonkar Shinde
(Pakhawaj) :
Pt. Shinde is one of the greatest Pakhawaj players of india.The combination sitar-Pakhawaj is unique and much appreciated,the did many concerts in india together with a lot of sucess.

*Prices :
Yoga EUR 8
Brunch+ concerts : EUR 15
Concerts only : 10 EUR
* Prices includes chai

Venue :,Rue de Parme 69,1060 Brussel
For more info :
email : info

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